Dry Stacked Food Bar on a Ferry?!

This past Memorial Day weekend I was contacted by Sextant Works to build a “stone thingy ma-bob” for one of their super secret events.  All they could tell me was that there was a large pile of salvaged brick that needed to be brought onto a boat and I had four days to make it beautiful and useful.  They gave me a price and I agreed!  What was I getting myself into?  I needed the challenge and accepted it gleefully.

They finally divulged the location after I signed the non-disclosure agreement. The address? The Minue: a decommissioned Governor’s Island ferry boat moored at a Staten Island junk/industrial kitchen sales yard.  When I arrived there were many other artists and craftsfolks hard at work, welding anchor-chains, chopping apart a thousand pallets, nailgunning them back together.  I was shown the junk pile of bricks in the scrapyard and with my helper, Khalil Evans we got to work.

I spent the first day, just designing, calculating and questioning.  What do you want me to build? Oh not like that?  Like this? Will we have enough brick? Enough stone?  Here we go.  As you can see, it all came together.   I built a bar of brick, wood, stone, and metal.


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